Small Events Case Study

Phil Holland is a business coach. He uses small events to get business owners together to network and collaborate. After the Covid-19 lockdown, Phil hosted a party at a local bar. He promoted the event via Facebook and sold tickets via Paysies

The Objective

Phil helps small to medium sized businesses flourish in their respective niches. Networking is as important today as it has ever been.

Hosting these events has proven to be costly. By using Paysies to take payment for tickets, Phil aimed to: 

  1. Attract more of the right customers
  2. Reduce absenteeism or ‘no-shows’
  3. Avoid the hassle of bank transfers and reconciliation
  4. Give people an instant payment option as a link


Phil promoted an event on Facebook, and included his link to Paysies. The response exceeded all his expectations. 

People didn’t just ‘think about it,’ procrastinating until they could pay for a ticket – they paid on the spot and signed up. And what’s more, since they’d already paid, they actually turned up to the event.

Paysies also made it easy for Phil to keep track of the attendees and head count.


The Outcome

Phil saw an 88% improvement on his event show-up rate since adopting Paysies.

Tickets Sold






"Paysies has made my life so easy. Not only can I use it for all our events, but I also use it for any transactions."
Phil Holland

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