Overdue Invoices Case Study

Bay Stump Removal use Paysies when chasing overdue invoices, as this allows customers to leverage their credit card for when cash flow is an issue. It’s a win-win for both sides, as Bay Stump Removal gets paid while the customer avoids late payment charges.

One Simple Link

Shelley from Bay Stump Removal creates a single Paysies payment link which can be used for all payment reminder emails. The payment link allows customers to pay via credit and debit card, they can also pay the amount in full or pay a partial amount.

Payment & Notification

When the customer pays, Shelley receives a notification by email. The notification includes all the details required to be able to reconcile the payment to the overdue invoice, such as invoice number, amount, customer name and contact number.


The Outcome

By introducing automated reminder emails along with the Paysies payment links, Bay Stump Removal is able to half the amount of times it spends chasing late payments.

Average Payment Time Change

– 6 Days

% Of Credit/Debit Transactions


Average Transaction Value


"It's great to be able to provide customers with an option to pay by credit card when cashflow is a problem. The entire process took around 15 minutes to setup, super simple!"
Shelley Atkinson

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