Loss Leader Case Study

Loss leaders are often used by business owners to attract new customers. Craft Bar Kitchen (CBK) Tauranga uses Paysies as part of their monthly loss leader campaigns, in the example below,  CBK shares their results from a $1 dessert promotion via facebook.

The Offer

Billy has a new chocolate foundue dessert that he wants to promote as the loss leader. He logins into Paysies and creates a $1 payment link for the dessert, he limits the number of purchases to 50. This takes Billy less than two minutes to do.



Billy then takes a photo of the foundue, applies a few quick graphics and then creates a post for the CBK facebook page which including the Paysies link in the description.

The promotion quickly sells out and customers start booking. Billy is able to assign the Paysies order numbers as voucher codes in his point-of-sale software allowing him to track the campaigns performance.


The Outcome

Billy is able to directly attribute $4,154 in revenue from this simple loss leader. The key stats are displayed below.

Online Purchases




Average Spend

$134 per Table

Highest Spend

$371 per Table

"Loss leaders are now part of our monthly promotional activities. Paysies makes it incredibly easy to implement while allows us to control the promotion in terms of the number that can be sold along with when the promotion will expire. A great tool that we will continue to use."
Billy Emeny

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