How it works

Create a link in less than 30 seconds and get paid directly into your bank account.

Step 1

Create Link

Paysies lets you create a payment link in a single step. Simply give it a name, description and a price and then your ready to sell.

You can also add additional fields, set maximum quantities, add images, set expiry dates and a whole lot more.

Step 2

Share Link

Share links in emails, text messages, social media and websites. Where ever you share it, customers can easily view the details on your product or service before checking out.


Step 3

Customer Pays

Your customers don’t need an account or special app. Customer simply enter their card details or checkout via G Pay/Apple Pay for a quick and seamless checkout experience.

Step 4

Get Notified

Receive a notification when a customer pays or login to Paysies to view and manage your customers orders.


The simple way to take payments online